Our company, Cadence 3 LLC, is a team of experienced and driven business professionals who enjoy flexible and diverse work environments.

Cadence 3 delivers business and event management consulting to some of the largest tech companies in the industry. What does that really mean? Well we make the impossible possible. We dive headfirst into projects for our clients blazing the way into often uncharted territory to deliver results against their goals.

We are a woman owned company and former consultants ourselves who designed and operate a company that we ourselves wished we could have worked for when consulting. Our company operates on a transparent business model where all fees are disclosed to both our employees and clients up front taking the guess work out of consulting so you can focus on delivering great work to our clients. We operate with one of the lowest agency rates in the industry while still providing employee benefits for both healthcare and retirement plans.

Our Team

We hire people who are driven and passionate about their jobs and love what they do! We are a group of driven people who find satisfaction in not only meeting, but exceeding our client’s expectations. We don’t seek to meet the bar, but proudly set a new bar with each new project we take on. We are a plate spinning, knife juggling group of people who thrive on big challenges, work well under pressure, and deliver amazing results. We invest in our team and strive to create a fun workplace full of ambitious, talented, creative, skilled, driven individuals.

Transparency and Integrity

We take very seriously the tenets we developed over our careers and working as consultants with other agencies which include: transparency, honesty and integrity which are integral pillars to our business.  We pride ourselves on our transparency with both our clients and consultants with respect to expectations and policies.

As former business owners on the client side and consultants ourselves, our goal was to build the type of consulting company that we ourselves wanted to work for when we were consultants, and maintain a long term working relationships with both our clients and team. Client satisfaction is extremely important to us as our largest volume of work comes through referrals by existing clients and are very proud of the fact that we have a 98% client retention.


We think non-compete agreements and exclusives aren’t valuable because we want you to want to work with us, not require you to do so.  While we always strive to have projects and opportunities for our team, like you, we have bills to pay and want to ensure that you have the flexibility to pursue opportunities if we don’t have them for you. Even if you don’t work with us, we recommend that you not sign another agency’s non-compete agreement. It is a bad deal for you and not in your best interests. It’s your choice how many companies you choose to work with although we hope to provide extraordinary value to you so that you will make Cadence 3 your choice.

Paid Time Off

We believe that PTO is important to the health and well-being of our employees and encourages all employees to utilize their PTO days. Paid time off is accrued incrementally based upon hours worked. The purpose of paid time off (PTO) is to provide employees with flexible paid time off from work that can be used for such needs as PTO, personal or family illness, doctor appointments, school, volunteerism, and other activities of the employee’s choice.


Cadence 3 offers a comprehensive health care plan. In addition, we offer a 401(k) for which Cadence 3 covers the administrative costs on, so there is no cost to the employee and every dollar invested by the employee goes directly towards the benefit investment.

Business Development and Continuing Education

We also offer a business development commission to employees who refer projects to Cadence 3 as well as an annual stipend for continuing education as we see value in team members who continue to grow their skills and expertise. Terms and conditions apply.

Open Positions

Please visit Cadence 3’s Careers page to view a list of open positions and to apply.  We look forward to hearing from you!

To view a list of open positions, or to apply, please visit our Careers page.  We look forward to hearing from you!